August Cover: Hollywood Glamour Meets Modern Styling

Mixing old and new isn’t necessarily novel—but then again, the collaboration between Sexy Hair and Instagram sensation Mustafa Avci (@mustafaavci) hasn’t ever happened before. And, as the images from our cover shoot can attest to, when Avci and the team mix old and new, the result is something completely unique. Drawing on the idea of breathing new life and perspective into classic Hollywood glamour, the shots reinterpret timeless shapes and update classic techniques, says Avci, who’s known for his meticulously coiffed and masterfully sculptural updos. “I wanted to give these looks a carefree touch, make them look a bit summery with an energetic, rock-and-roll feeling,” he explains. Utilizing a range of Sexy Hair products, he exploded a Veronica Lake wave-like set, deconstructed a ’60s-era bouffant and added drama to a traditional chignon. “I’m so honored to be working with Sexy Hair,” says Avci, “Not only do their products allow me to create a range of styles, but they provide great foundation, which is important when creating updos and structured looks.”

“To have my first job with Sexy Hair be to work on the cover for American Salon is the memory of a lifetime,” Avci says. “While I was shooting, it was unreal—until (photographer) Robert Lynden superimposed the logo on the images as they came up on screen—then it became real!”

“I’m used to changing looks quickly and making them appear totally different,” Avci says. “I brush one style out and then make it look totally different. Using good foundational product is key. That’s why Sexy Hair products are so good. I use Powder Play mainly at the root to hold the hair nice and tight. Then I can brush it out and change the look.”


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“I’ve been doing hair for 22 years, and doing this cover shoot is such a humbling experience for me,” Avci says. “I never could have guessed when I was 12 years old, running back and forth in the salon, that I would be here today. I’m so proud that I can inspire hairdressers and practice my craft.”

The secret to this amazing volume: Teasing the hair from underneath. “This allows you to keep the length while delivering incredible volume,” Avci states. “The teasing holds hair together but it comes out in a bigger version of itself, and doing it underneath means that the style isn’t disrupted. Even people with fine hair can achieve this kind of Hollywood wave.”

“I love doing what I do,” says Avci. “I go to sleep, and dream about hair, and wake up and can’t wait to do more. There’s nothing else I can imagine myself doing.”

Written By: Amy Dodds 
Hairstylist: Mustafa Avci 
Photographer: Robert Lynden 
Hair Assistant: Amanda Fator 
Makeup: Cristina Mclamb 
Wardrobe: Rebecca Todd 
Production Manager: Jennifer Fordyce