Modernizing the Classic Bob with Texture and Length

(modernizing the bob)

“We continue to see the trend of long highly-textured bobs and shags as a focus for consumers, but the classic bob is also resurfacing with an element of modern trend, which is texture,” says Andrew Carruthers, education director for Sam Villa.

This fresh take on the classic bob has three major elements:

1. The perimeter edge has more density, yet still carries a slightly disrupted edge by employing a shallow (yet deliberate) point cut or even a razor with a shallow stroke.


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2. Lengths are creeping shorter to accentuate head shapes and jaw lines.

3. Soft undefined surface layers can be pushed around and even worn as a long fringe to introduce movement without extracting too much weight or attention to the jawline.

“Textured bobs are so versatile because the finishing can be really organic and natural or supremely coiffed,” adds Carruthers.