ARROJO Summertime Styles for Wavy, Curly or Kinky Hair

Beautiful beachy waves courtesy of ARROJO American Wave

Summertime can wreak havoc on a client's curls. The heat and humidity seeps under the naturally lifted cuticles, leaving the hair frizzy, unruly and unmanageable. That's why smart stylists recommend going "au natural" this time of year. To help give curly clients styling options, ARROJO founder and celebrity hairstylist Nick Arrojo created his new ARROJO American Wave collection. Here, he reveals his best tips for enhancing and styling naturally wavy, curly or kinky hair textures. 

Wavy hair: Shabby Chic Waves 

With this more "delicate" curl pattern, you want to help encourage the wavy texture without weighing down the hair. "Cleanse the hair with Rogue Co-Cleanse. Then spread a nickel-size amount of Hypnotic Curl Calmer roots to ends," says Arrojo. "Air-dry using hands to tousle and scrunch the hair from the underneath upwards, creating cascades of beautiful, soft luster. Spritz on Glint Texture & Shine Spray to fashion tousled beachy waves with eye-catching glister."


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Curly hair: Big Curl Celebration  

If your client has big, bouncy, voluptuous curls, you want to lock in the shape so it stays defined, even during the hottest, most humid days. "Use ReHab Shampoo to cleanse the hair. It has the right moisture balance, perfect curl formation and definition. Then apply Submerge Conditioner to create tangle-free shape and shine," says Arrojo. "On damp hair, apply Elixir Defrizzing Gel to calm frizz, unify and control texture. Diffuse-dry for the most expansion. And mist the curls with Glint Texture & Shine Spray to style and finish with scintillating natural movement." 

Kinky hair: Mini Bun Beauty

"In the summertime, thick heavy, kinky curls might do better with double buns than with one topknot. Splitting the hair into two buns lightens the load and offers a cute retro style," Arrojo suggests. "Use ReHab Shampoo to rehabilitate without weight or build up. Follow up with Submerge Conditioner to soften, moisturize and detangle. Work Hypnotic Curl Calmer from roots to ends and diffuse the hair for maximum texture expansion. Pull the hair back, separate it into two big buns and tie it off. Ruffle the roots and tousle the curls to encourage even more separation and expansion. Spritz Glint Texture & Shine Spray over the finished look for instant glamour."