N.J. Could Soon Pass Texture-Inclusive Hair Legislation

The Professional Beauty Association (PBA) in conjunction with the Texture Education Collective (TEC), has announced the stewardship of texture-inclusive legislation in New Jersey.

New Jersey is expected to soon pass bill A5443/S3845, which requires training of cosmetologists, defined as hairstylists, beauticians, barbers, and hair braiders, to include working on textured hair. This bill is sponsored by New Jersey State Assemblywoman Angela McKnight and New Jersey State Senator Teresa Ruiz.

"As I said when I introduced the Crown Act, no one should be penalized for the way they wear their hair or the way it grows out of their head. This bill requiring cosmetology training to include textured hair will help stylists as well as patrons," says Assemblywoman Angela McKnight. "Most schools have never taught how to care for natural hair so stylists often turn away clients with textured hair or charge a higher price. Now, stylists will not feel intimidated because of lack of know-how and patrons don't have to fear being turned away. This bill is a huge step for inclusion."

The Texture Education Collective was formed by an alliance of professional hair industry leaders with a shared goal of encouraging cosmetology state board licensing requirements and curriculums nationwide to be inclusive of all hair types and textures. One of the primary objectives of the TEC is to encourage states to adopt textured hair education as part of their curriculum and state board exams. The goal is to empower cosmetologists and stylists with the confidence to consult and work with clients who have textured hair, while maintaining the styling performance, health and safety standards they learn in their cosmetology programs.

The mission of the Texture Education Collective is twofold:

  1. To ensure all hairstylists are equipped with the education, skills and tools to be able to service all clients and all hair types and textures.
  2. To pave the way for all consumers to feel welcomed, valued, understood, and seen when getting serviced by hairstylists while upholding the highest standards in health and safety.

"Textured hair" can be defined as hair that is coiled, curly, or wavy. The requirements shall include training on:

a. working with hair with various curl, coils and wave patterns;
b. hair strand thickness; and
c. volumes of hair

Founding members of the Texture Education Collective include Aveda, DevaCurl, L'Oréal USA, and Neill. Supporting partners include Avalon, BBR, Bumble and bumble, Evie Johnson, L'ANZA, Living Proof, Milady, Sam Villa and Texture vs. Race. The Professional Beauty Association, in partnership with the Texture Education Collective, urges supporters to sign the petition on the TEC website to include textured hair in cosmetology testing standards. Additionally, the Professional Beauty Association urges all industry professionals to encourage their state elected officials in New Jersey to pass the bills.

For more information on the Professional Beauty Association or to become a supporting member visit probeauty.org.