Style Collection: Timeless Attitude

Inspired by the groundbreaking looks of the 1970s, Pai-Shau’s first signature cut and style collection unleashes timeless attitude.

The 1970s were a time of decadence, of experimentation, of individuality—and the dance floor was where it all came together. In Pai-Shau’s latest collection Studio: Five Four, Director of Education Amy Stollmeyer and Creative Director Felix Fischer imagine a night in the life of the disco haven Studio 54. Channeling seven ’70s icons—David Bowie, Cher, Pat Benatar, Stevie Nicks, Jim Morrison, Debbie Harry and Mick Jagger—the looks explore the era’s versatility in cut, color and style. “This collection is all about wearable, gender-friendly, relevant iconic looks,” says Stollmeyer. From glam rock to androgynous to boho looks, each of the styles in the collection features natural movement and is easily wearable. That’s the way we like it.

Cher: With long, mermaid-like hair, Cher is the embodiment of effortless chic. “This hair is the epitome of Pai-Shau—ultimately healthy and shiny,” says Director of Education Amy Stollmeyer. After a series of Supreme Revitalizing Mask treatments prior to the shoot, Creative Director Felix Fischer layered in Biphasic Infusion before and after flat-ironing for reflection and movement. 


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Bowie: Chameleon, visionary, artist: Bowie broke all the rules. In this look, which channels his Ziggy Stardust days, is a diffused undercut with lived-in layers. Royal Abundance Mousse acts as a base before rough-drying and hand-styling, then hair is finished with
a mist of Sublime Hold Hairspray.

Stevie and Debbie: Stevie Nicks and Debbie Harry were known for their flaxen hair, but each icon represents a different style from the decade. Stevie’s long gypsy waves were primed with Biphasic Infusion then separated and polished with Style Soufflé before being misted with Sublime Hold Hairspray for moveable hold and texture. Meanwhile, her hair color is “for the client who is never blonde enough!” exclaims Pai-Shau Master Colorist Rob Pizzuti. Debbie’s playful, shattered bob employs custom cutting techniques designed by Fischer, who used Style Soufflé to hydrate and soften after flat-ironing.

Jagger: Before there was gender fluidity there were ’70s vanguards who sported gender-bending looks. With Jagger, a universal bowl cut offers a fresh, lived-in appearance. “There’s a sweetness to the look matched only by its toughness,” explains Fischer, who primed the style with a few pumps of Biphasic Infusion before combing through Royal Abundance Mousse and rough-drying with hands for a tousled appearance. Pizzuti created a special sectioning technique he calls Convertible Colour. “The sectioning gives options of exposing more medium-lights for subtlety or more highlights for drama,” he explains.

Pat: The shag gained a foothold with 1970s rockers, and Pat Benatar was no exception. For this strong look, hair was primed with Biphasic Infusion and layered with Style Soufflé for a sleek finish. Pizzuti used three different color formulas in a star paneling pattern. “I love the look of warm and cool tones playing off each other,” he says. “The violet reflects beautifully in daylight and gives a subtle glow when indoors or at night.”

Morrison: Poet and free-thinker, Jim Morrison was known for his charisma and rebelliousness. The Morrison look is the yin to Pat’s yang, explains Stollmeyer, who says that the hair was saturated with Royal Abundance Mousse then diffused for texture and shine.

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