Paul Mitchell Launches a Complete Bond-Building System

The fix is in: break up with breakage during lightening and permanent color services with the new bond strengthening system from Paul Mitchell, an industry leader serving the professional beauty community for over 40 years. The Bond Rx system contains a patented silicone-protein bond-building technology that targets weak and damaged bonds and when activated by heat, crosslinks them to restore strength and resilience to the hair fiber. 

Bond Rx comes with a two-step professional treatment that turns any lightening or permanent hair color service into a bond-strengthening treatment without having to modify formulas or add processing time. Have guests that need to restore and protect their hair in between salon visits? Bond Rx includes a transformative care system to maintain the bond at home or at the back bar and offers an 88 percent improvement in hair condition (when used as a regimen). Together, the complete Bond Rx System creates stronger, more resilient hair (when used in conjunction with the Bond Rx 2-Step Professional System). 

Bond Rx
Before and after for blonde hair (Paul Mitchell)

Why bond while blonding? The clinically tested Paul Mitchell Bond Rx 2-Step Treatment retains 85 percent of disulfide bonds while lightening (using Step 1 and Step 2, as compared to virgin hair. Results based on third-party clinical testing). These are what make up the internal structure of hair and are responsible for the shape, elasticity, and overall health of every strand. Chemical services, heat styling and environmental damage can weaken those bonds, resulting in brittle, broken, and damaged hair. When the 2-Step Treatment is used, it forms a consistent, protective barrier from root to tip, and restores lipids within the hair to strengthen and replenish strands. It can be added to any lightener or permanent hair color without adjusted processing times. This 2-Step Professional Treatment increases revenue as an add-on service, or as a standalone treatment to strengthen and condition fragile hair.  

Maintain the bond: the Bond Rx System also features a shampoo, conditioner and reparative treatment that are infused with the Bond Rx Technology for guests to bond strong at home. Ideal for a broad spectrum of hair types with chemically treated and damaged strands.  

Bond Rx Shampoo: Rich, creamy lather gently cleanses without weighing hair down 

Bond Rx Conditioner: Lightweight formula helps restore fragile strands and leaves hair softer, more manageable  

Bond Rx Treatment: Ultra-rich mask that strengthens and smooths hair’s protective layer

The Bond Rx 2-Step Professional Treatment is designed for use with lighteners or permanent hair color. It can also be used as a stand-alone treatment. Mix Bond Rx Step 1 with lightener or permanent color, then simply apply to hair and process as usual. Shampoo hair and follow with Bond Rx Step 2. Apply it to towel-dried hair and leave for 5 to 15 minutes. Rinse, then blow-dry to activate the Bond Rx Technology.  

To use as a standalone, apply Step 1 to towel-dried hair and leave for five minutes. Rinse, then apply Step 2 to towel-dried hair. Leave for five to 15 minutes. Rinse, then blow dry to activate the Bond Rx Technology.  

The Bond Rx System is available beginning March 2023. To learn more about Bond Rx including how to use, visit