Behind the Scenes of November's Cover Shoot

Strength and femininity are not mutually exclusive, says Ginger Boyle, Creative Director of this month’s All-Nutrient cover shoot. “The key is to change the outer appearance to better reflect inner beauty. By doing so, women stand out with pride, confidence and strength in their own domain,” she reflects. 

Cover Story

From left: Makeup artist Caitlin Sennott, Creative Director Ginger Boyle and assistant Julia Clayton put some finishing touches on our cover model. 

Boyle and her team worked to empower each model by working closely to achieve a look they would love. “The challenge was finding individuals who photographed well but were also open and ready for change,” she says. But since communication between the stylists and models was excellent, making a color change was easy. “The models really felt comfortable in really going for a change in their hair.”

On set, the mood was enjoyable and expressive, and since every aspect, from makeup to wardrobe, was meticulously planned out in advance, the team was able to work quickly and efficiently. And one model in particular, Carlena, had so much fun whipping her hair back-and-forth, Boyle says she needed a small adjustment from her chiropractor afterward. “The best part of a photo shoot is when you have happy models who are having a lot of fun and really enjoying their hair,” Boyle says. “It really shines through all of the images we were able to capture.”

Photography: Robert Lynden

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