Q & A with Arrojo Master Stylist, Lina Arrojo

Curly hair looks best when each curl is perfectly defined—be it loose curls, springy curls or zig-zaggy curls. Optimum definition makes each signature texture look more controlled and distinct. To find the best curl-defining techniques, we talked to Arrojo’s Master Stylist, Lina Arrojo—who just so happens to be a “curly girl” herself.

How do you make wavy hair look more defined?

 For shapely waves, I use my hands and a blow dryer to encourage the wave to take shape. After applying a cocktail of Arrojo Styling Crème and Arrojo Curl Enhancer, I wrap small sections of hair around my fingers, making tight little twists. One at a time, I blow-dry each twist. After the hair is dry, I release the twist and move on to the next one. Once the whole head is dry, I spritz on Arrojo Wave Mist, gently tousling the hair for cascading waves that dance, softly around the face.


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What method do you use for perfect ringlets?

Tight curls look best when they’ve been set into place, because ‘the set’ keeps the curls consistent. Unlike waves, which can be looser and beachier, tight curls should be more polished. After I towel-dry the hair, I apply a dollop of Arrojo Styling Crème, mixed with a dollop of Arrojo Curl Control. Use pin-curl clips to secure each curl to the head. Dry completely, then release clips, allowing the hair to fall into perfectly defined ringlets. 

How do you create definition in tight, kinky curls?

These curls tend to be finer and lighter in weight. You don’t want to blow this hair around too much, work with your hands and a diffuser. When the hair is really damp, I apply a dollop of Arrojo Frizz Control, followed by a smaller dollop of Arrojo Curl Definer. Then I dry with a diffuser to expand the texture without blowing the hair about, which will create frizz. For added moisture—which this curl type always needs—I apply a light coat of Arrojo Healing Oil that boosts the curl’s shape, while giving it a sultry texture.

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