3 Glamorous Collections: Red Carpet Waves

In the film industry, the first months of the year are synonymous with galas, awards and glamour. On the red carpet, with the public and press cheering from one side and the other, incredible looks are paraded, designed to grab the spotlight and make history. To achieve such a feat, one hairstyle stands out above all others: waves.

Waves reflect the sophistication and magic of Hollywood's Golden Age. A style that has stood the test of time and has managed to update itself to continue conquering everyone.

Versatility is their hallmark and has allowed them to make the leap to the street, to everyday styles. They achieve ultra-personalized results that stand out for their beauty and magnetism.

Waves empower women and reflect their way of flowing through life. They are a celebration of all her facets and all her conquests.

MUGUETTE Nº22 Collection

La Pelu Amparo Fernández presents its new Muguette Nº22 collection

La Pelu Amparo Fernández presents its new Muguette Nº22 collection, a tribute to tradition from innovation. A collection that reaffirms a commitment based on the education of taking care of our hair, a solid value that has represented La Pelu Amparo Fernández since the beginning. N°22 represents this current year, in which handmade has become a true mantra for the fashion industry. Therefore, Muguette N°22 is an essential luxury, the new naturalness: a timeless elegance, which La Pelu Amparo Fernández hopes will remain as an inspiration guide for its craftsmanship.

Hair: Amparo Fernández-La Pelu–AmparoFernández@lapeluamparofernandez

Hair Assistant: Chuss Lojo @chusslojo and Carol [email protected]

Photography: Rebeca Saray @rebecasaray

Retouche: Rebeca Saray @rebecasaray

MUA: Melisa Vázquez@beautybarboiro

Styling: Lara Prado @lara_prado

Design: Masavi @masavi_official

Products: RevlonProfessional@revlonprofessional_es

Models: Andrea Ozores @andreaozores / Léa Gatbache: @leagatbache / LucíaOuteiral / Melisa Vázquez: @melisavazquezz


SEVENTY by Makeover

This collection is inspired by the clothes of the 70s found in El Rastro, the most popular street market in Madrid. Discovering this clothing transported them to those suggestive and daring years with their prints and bright colors, a trend that fills fashion stores. From there, from that fabulous reunion with vintage and second-hand clothing, this collection begins to take shape, gathering the different attitudes of that decade. The mullets, the voluminous hair, the asymmetrical cuts and the unnatural tones, culminate these looks full of energy.

Hair: MAKEOVER Eva González & Jose Salvador @makeoverlogrono

Photography: David Arnal @davidarnalteam

MUA: Eva Quílez @evaq_mua

Styling: MIKOTO @mikotovill

Video: Isa Monsalve @monsalve_films

Products: Schwarzkopf Professional @shwarzkopfpro.spain

YOU Collection

YOU by Gonzalo & Ziortza

"Of course, it's your choice, of course you are the bride, the main actress of that special day. Hairdressers, stylists and make-up artists—we only have to make proposals that, most of the time, arise to be in line with the costume designs and accessories. Our proposal for 2022 has a bit of everything so that you can even mix and match or contribute your own ideas. We must not forget that the hairstyle is the most important part of the bridal image. It will be the most photographed and the one that will mark your style through the year." - Gonzalo & Ziortza Zarauza

Hair: Gonzalo & Ziortza Zarauza @gonzalo_zarauza @ziortzazarauza

Hair Instagram: @centrobetaHair

Assistant: Laura Irure @laura.irure.3

Photography: David Arnal @davidarnalteam

Retouche: Javier Villalabeitia @javiervillalabeitia

MUA: Centro Beta Team @centrobeta

Styling: Visori Fashionart @visorifashionartstudio

Products: Montibello @montibellohair_es