Redken Artist Connection Strengthens Family-Like Bonds


For anyone staying at the Fontainebleau in Miami Beach, it was tough to miss the Redken-branded lanyards on the 900-plus artists that took over every corner of the resort. The magic that took place at the biannual Redken Artist Connection (RAC) Worldwide only reinforced that Redken is much more than a haircare brand.

RAC was designed to bring Redken artists, stylists and leaders (aka the Redken Tribe) together to learn the latest trends, services and product innovations so they can better serve their salons partners and clients. For the three-day conference, brand ambassadors, educators and professional influencers gathered in Miami to learn about the newest products, industry trends, and behind-the-chair techniques from the brand and top Redken Artists, including Sam Villa, Ruth Roche and Chris Baran.

From the outside looking in it might seem like any hair show, but the biggest difference would be the connection between artists and the home they’ve created at Redken. VP of Redken Marketing, US, Carrington Cole said that unique family-like dynamic has been around since the brand’s beginning.


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“I don’t think we can credit a single ingredient for it,” Cole said. “The way we show up is very different. Redken has an incredibly strong culture, and it’s something that started with the educators and the origins of the brand.” Paula Kent Meehan, co-founder of Redken, was one of the first to believe whole-heartedly in letting stylists’ expertise drive the brand’s sales. “In the ‘70s, when the blow-dryer was invented and people started doing their own hair, she realized very quickly that people were going to want to recreate their salon looks at home,” Cole added. “Putting the stylists’ expertise first was a no-brainer for her. She believed deeply in the professional and the value of education.”

Sixty years later, that belief is still intact and infuses the brand with a certain energy and mindset. “It’s something that these artists need,” Cole said. “A lot of cosmetology students join the industry fresh out of high school—sometimes going against their parents’ wishes to go to college—and they might not get any support. They’re craving a place where they feel like they’re a part of something; somewhere they feel welcomed and confident.” It’s a recipe for success, and that’s exactly why RAC was created.  

“RAC is a powerful, one-of-a-kind event that brings the global Redken artist network together for an immersive experience where we share new brand innovations, inspire each other and challenge ourselves to learn and grow,” said VP of Redken Education, US, Suzanne Stern. Redken Education’s mantra, Learn Better, Earn Better, Live Best, was in action at RAC 2020, with classes and seminars focused on bettering the beauty professional through best-in-class education, business guidance, social media and personal growth.

Redken looks forward to a year of continued innovation and industry leadership. Be on the lookout for new product launches, exciting partnerships and more.