Redken January Cover: Take Two

Redken used social media to challenge Redken artists to create two distinctly different looks using the same product. The grand prize? A photo shoot with American Salon in New York City where they recreated their winning styles.

Three up-and-coming Redken hairdressers were thrilled beyond belief when they won the Redken Dual Personalities contest. They were given a mission: Feature one Redken styling product in two distinctly different ways, creating a day and a night look. To up the ante, all of their work had to come together, making a cohesive collection for the pages of American Salon



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“When I found out I won the Redken contest, I’d just gotten back from Hawaii, so the ocean was really on my mind,” says Robinson. “I was fascinated with all the different types of waves on the sea—crashing, gentle, barely a ripple. I wanted the hair to have that type of natural motion.” Robinson’s star Redken styling product was Wax Blast 10, chosen because it amplified the bend in the waves with a glossy shine. To achieve her day look, Robinson did a flat wrap around the iron and kept her sections precisely aligned, allowing the waves to glide into each other when combed out. - artist Rachelle Robinson
Transforming her model’s long blonde waves into an edgier night look started with a French twist in the back, hiding the extra hair. “Then I used a layer of marcel-waved hair to mimic finger waves,” says Robinson. Wax Blast 10 helped boost the shine, tame flyaways and keep a clean ridge. The juxtaposition of the waved side and the smooth side gave Robinson’s night look a more modernized vibe. - artist Rachelle Robinson [Becca is wearing blouse by Vionnet (day), lace dress by Aqua (night).]
“I’m always influenced by fashion,” says Evans, “and I was seeing cool, wearable texture and intricate knots on the runway.” For his day look, he wanted to blend different textures together to create a fresh, modern style. To build up texture in the hair, Evans used Guts 10. “We applied a thick layer of Guts 10 in sections, the same way we apply hair color. Then we did a directional blow-dry, working in circles.” To give tiny wisps of hair an unexpected raw texture, Evans lightly tapped an iron through the ends. - artist Blake Reed Evans
To transition from his day look to his evening look, Evans made a hard center part. “That harshness gave the nighttime look an edgier vibe,” says Evans. He then curled vertical sections with a ¾-inch iron, wrapping the hair away from her face, dropping the ends out to create contrasting straightness. The frothy texture from the day look added extra movement when the hair was fully combed out. - artist Blake Reed Evans [Yun is wearing Essie Go With the Flowy from Essie’s 2016 Winter Collection, dress by Chloe (day), coat by Sheri Bodell (night).]
“The looks that I entered in the contest were inspired by veins coming out from the heart,” says King. “So I wanted both my day and night look to have vein-like strands of hair.” King used Control Addict 28 and a flat iron to create flowy yet flat s-waves that could easily be manipulated on set. Then she applied a mixture of water and Velvet Gelatine 07 to give the hair a cool-girl wet look. - artist Heather King
King’s evening look was well planned—a tight chignon with outward pieces representing the vein theme—but on set, something just wasn’t right. Everything felt too buttoned up. After taking her model off set—and working together with the team—King deconstructed the chignon, pulling the hair upward, manipulating hair across the model’s forehead and slightly outward on the sides. The result: a fashion-forward updo worthy of the Redken name. - artist Heather King [Natalie is wearing dress by Vera Wang and sheer nude T-shirt by Zara (day), dresses by Lanvin and Gaultier (night).]