A Look Back at Redken Symposium 2017

From January 15 to 17, more than 8,000 hair pros joined Redken in Las Vegas at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center for a trip full of education, inspiration and celebration. During a video montage on opening night, cab driver Jack Laurenta picked up novice hairdresser Katy as she landed in NYC before she went to the Redken Exchange for unparalleled education. The tour of the city that ensued showcased hundreds of models and dozens of performers who underscored Redken’s commitment to hairdressing artistry as well as the city the brand calls home.

In addition to the whopping 27 classes available, there was even more for Katy and her 8,000 fellow Redken fans to see, such as an expanded Gallerie, complete with live demos and 25 vendors, including NYX cosmetics, Essie, Tearsheet, Kasho Shears, Live Best Pro, Millard Kwon Design, Marketing Nutz and Pivot Point International. Oh and let’s not forget the amazing performance by DNCE, the hit group featuring Joe Jonas. Talk about a trip!


  • The Bowery Katy’s first stop was to a rock-and-roll fueled club in the Bowery area of Manhattan, where she caught a modern-day Joan Jett belt out AC/DC’s “Back in Black.” She was primed for the “Killer Blondes” course and “Creative Color Trends.”
  • The Meatpacking District Next up was the fashion-fueled Meatpacking district, where Katy caught the Guido-inspired runway—perfect inspiration for “Finish Strong,” “Fashion Trends” and the special ambassador session with David Stanko and Rodney Cutler.
  • Spanish Harlem Jack took Katy to Spanish Harlem, where bright colors ruled and BMX bikers did tricks through bursts of fire! What better to get pumped for “City Beats – Around the World?”
  • West Village Katy next went to the West Village to refuel—and with Sam Villa, Kris Sorbie and Chris Baran! She got a second helping with Baran’s class “Creative Thoughts Behind the Scenes” the next morning.
  • Central Park “Nothing beats Central Park in winter,” Jack tells Katy, and we agree—especially when the sights are as beautiful as the illuminated ice princesses were onstage.
  • Times Square What trip to NYC would be complete without a visit to Times Square? It was a perfect intro to Tracey Cunningham’s ambassador class and “Crops and Bobs” with Hugo Urias, Philip Barwick and Adina Doss—not to mention the myriad other classes available.