Vanilla Sugar Blonde is Sabrina Carpenter's New Hair Shade

This weekend, Sabrina Carpenter will step into the spotlight of the Eras Tour in Mexico debuting a new hair color. Thanks to celebrity hair colorist, Laurie Heaps, and Redken, Sabrina will unveil a signature shade that encapsulates the spirit of her world tour: Vanilla Sugar Blonde.

Created using Redken's Shades EQ and Flash Lift Bonder Inside, this luminous shade of blonde mirrors Sabrina's vibrant energy that is opening the show. With Redken, Sabrina’s hair is sure to stay looking healthy and vibrant for the weekend. 

Highlight Formula

  • 60 ml. Flash Lift Bonder Inside
  • 60 ml. 30 vol. Pro-oxide Cream Developer

Glaze Formula

  • 1 oz.  010 VV Lavender Ice Shades EQ Gloss Bonder Inside
  • 1oz. Crystal Clear Shades EQ Gloss Bonder Inside 
  • 2 0z. Shades EQ Processing Solution
  • Process at room temperature

“Highlighting Sabrina's hair with Redken's ingenious bleach, Flash Lift Bonder Inside was an absolute game-changer in our preparation for the upcoming Mexico Eras tour,” said Heaps. “This innovative choice not only effortlessly achieved the creamiest shade of blonde, but it also prioritized the health and integrity of her hair throughout the process with the help of Bonder Inside. As we geared up for the tour, every detail counted, and Redken's bleach delivered stunning results that aligned perfectly with the aesthetic we were aiming for. 

“The inclusion of the built-in bonder in the bleach was an exceptional advantage. It meant that Sabrina's hair received the protection it needed during the highlighting process, ensuring minimal damage and maintaining the health of her locks. This was of paramount importance as we readied her hair for the demands of touring and performing. The bleach itself delivered the perfect shade of creamy blonde. The innovation, quality, and stunning results aligned perfectly with our vision, leaving Sabrina with a breathtaking and vibrant blonde that's ready to shine on stage. To tone Sabrina’s hair, we used Redken’s Shades EQ Gloss, which is always in her hair to lend to the perfect shades of blonde. For this transformation, we combined two Shades EQ together to create a custom color just for Sabrina. This is the perfect bright blonde hue for those looking to squeeze the most out of summer.”