Sassoon International Creative Team’s Collection for Spring/Summer: KidHood

In uncertain times we look back with nostalgia to a past we’ve already lived when there was no pressure, just play. Mark Hayes, Sassoon International Creative Director ran with that idea to create a new collection called Kidhood that blurs the boundaries between adolescence and adulthood.

Grunge goddess and style icon Courtney Love inspires a new take on rock chic. Her 1990s Seattle-thrift store meets Riot Grrrl look mixed satin baby-doll dresses with heavy boots, sparkling tiaras with wild hair and smudged red lipstick. Here, head-hugging layers and heavy fringes in festival faded pink flaunt high vis roots in bright red and orange. 
The candy sweet cutesters or “idol” groups of South Korean K-Pop have saturated the market with their bubblegum sound, drilled choreography, glossy image-construction and day-glo fashion. Sassoon takes a touch of K-Pop and mixes it with the Tetris cubes of an eighties arcade. The result is a combination of illusive tapered shapes, Erte fringes and chaotic combinations of cyclamen, violet and mauve.
Isolated Heroes
The isolated heroes of intersex merge as one in a monochromatic world of stripped back utility. Taking inspiration from the fourth sex experimentation of Raf Simons, a fashion designer obsessed with the undefined state of adolescence, Sassoon Academy rethinks G.I Joe and jarhead Mohawks in carbon grey.


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