Behind the Scenes: August Cover Shoot with Sexy Hair

Watching Mustafa Avci (@mustafaavci) craft the first style of this month’s Sexy Hair cover shoot—the hyper-volumized 1940s-style waves—is much how I would imagine a sculptor to look while chiseling a masterpiece out of marble. He’s determined, focused—almost to the point of obsession—yet strangely hypnotic: Avci expertly backcombing coils of hair then gently fan them out is mesmerizing.


But don’t take his concentration to mean that he wasn’t having fun while on set. “I was ready to rock as many looks as I could in the time I had,” he says, explaining that his go-to products on set were Big Sexy Hair Powder Play Volumizing & Texturizing Powder and Big Sexy Hair Spray and Play Volumizing Hair Spray. “It was so fun, so relaxed on set. And I had time to create gorgeous hair with these gorgeous models.”


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All told, Avci and the Sexy Hair team created eight different looks in less than 10 hours. “I could have gone on all night if I didn’t have a plane to catch!” Avci says with a laugh. “I just love what I do, and working with Sexy Hair for this cover shoot means everything to me.”


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