Step-by-Step: 3 Looks, 1 Product

Pureology’s NEW Hydrate Air Dry Cream is the low-maintenance, effortless solution for heatless styling with a flawless finish. Whether you want to give strands a break from heat tools or a jam-packed schedule doesn’t allow for a full blowout, Hydrate Air Dry Cream’s combination of soft and hard polymers provides enhanced body, a faster drying time, and a no-product feel, along with maximum moisture and frizz control. Here are three fresh hairstyles to get you out the door in no time flat!

Look 1: Natural Texture

Step 1: Apply a quarter size amount of Hydrate Air Dry Cream throughout damp hair. Create a center part and divide the hair into two sections. Twist each section away from the face, down through the lengths, and secure ends with an elastic.


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Step 2: Bring the two twists together and secure with a soft scrunchy.

Step 3: Once hair is dry, remove the elastics and scrunchy and shake out the twists. For added hold, finish with a mist of Colour Stylist Strengthening Control Hairspray.


Look 2: Volume and Bounce

Step 1: Apply a quarter size amount of Hydrate Air Dry Cream throughout damp hair. Using a comb, create a zig-zag parting along the natural part of the hair.

Step 2: Create several twists throughout the entire back of the head, twisting each piece back away from the face.

Step 3: Once hair is dry, use fingers to rake through the twists and soften the shape. If more definition is desired, use Colour Stylist Density Definer for texture and hold.


Look 3: Beachy Waves

Step 1: Apply a quarter size amount of Hydrate Air Dry Cream throughout damp hair. Split hair into four sections, separating it from front to back and side to side, using zig-zag partings.

Step 2: Divide each quadrant into two and twist each section right over left away from the face to create a rope. Secure each rope with an elastic.

Step 3: Once hair is dry, remove elastics and shade out the ropes. For a bouncier finish, mist with FullFyl Densifying Spray and scrunch waves.



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