Step-by-Step: Paris Jackson's Waterfall Style

Even though the Met Gala happened a few days ago, we're still swooning over the evening's best hair looks. From dramatic hair accessories to more simple styles, all of the the hair looks were created to complement the Gala's theme: Heavenly Bodies. 

Arriving in a form-fitting Stella McCartney gown, Paris Jackson opted for a more subtle interpretation of the theme. Using hair products by MOP,  celebrity hairstylist Giannandrea styled her hair to resemble a waterfall, complete with unique tiara placement befitting the daughter of rock royalty. Here, he shares the details for recreating the look:

  • Shampoo the hair with MOP Basil Mint Revitalizing Shampoo with pear puree and aloe to soothe and moisturize sensitive skin.
  • To provide movable volume and bounce with medium hold for all hair types, apply a generous amount of MOP Lemongrass Volume Whip to the roots and mid-lengths of the hair. Blow-dry the hair smooth.

  • Use MOP C-System Firm Finish Hairspray, an eco-friendly, zero-impact aerosol on each of the four sections of hair at the crown to be set in mid-size Velcro rollers. Allow the set to rest.

  • Use a large round brush to blow-dry the hair at the sides and back below the crown area, taking large sections and blow-drying the hair very straight. Use an infrared flat iron to smooth and straighten the sides and back.

  • Remove the rollers and brush the hair backward and downward from the sides and back. It’s important that the top retains its base volume while the sides and back are brushed out and downward to create a waterfall effect.

  • Keep smoothing and brushing the hair to perfection, while not disturbing the waterfall effect.

  • Use your hands to apply a dime-size amount of MOP Pomegranate Nourishing Oil through the hair on the sides and back only, avoiding the top of the hair. 

  • Brush the hair again, smoothing each section downward to create an effortless red-carpet effect. Once you’re satisfied with the results, secure the style with MOP C-System Firm Finish Hairspray.



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