Step-By-Step: James Pecis's Roll Twist

James Pecis (@jamespecis), Oribe Global Brand Ambassador, created a simple-yet-elegant Roll Twist using Oribe’s new Free Styler Working Hairspray. The ultra-light, ultra-dry working hairspray allowed James to detail and perfect every strand of the hair, but maintain its softness and movement. A chic and effortless updo, but with a twist. Watch the look come to life below. 

Get the look

Step 1: Set hair with a one-inch curling iron, spray each section with  Free Styler Working Hair Spray before curling.


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Step 2: After the curl set is complete, brush out the hair.

Step 3: Create a deep side part and separate the hair into two large sections.

Step 4: Twist and brush the first section of hair towards the nape, creating a roll on the side. Spray with  Free Styler Working Hair Spray throughout to softly control the hair. 

Step 5: Have your client hold the end of the first twist while you repeat the steps on the other section of hair. 

Step 6: Make sure to keep it soft in the front and not twist back any fringe pieces, so you can detail this part at the end. 

Step: 7: Once you have completed the second twisted section, tuck the second twisted section into the first twisted section and use 2 pins to secure in place. 

Step 8: Take the first twisted section of hair and hide it inside the other roll, and use 2-3 pins to secure in place.

Step 9: Use a small brush and  Free Styler Working Hair Spray to detail the front of the hair, taking out any fringe pieces to create softness around the frame of the face. It is important to spend time on this because details define the look.