Step-by-Step: Romantic Updo

“I had the idea of eclecticism for the Alexander McQueen show. It’s kind of romantic because it has soft features, which we created by pulling pieces out. But there’s also a randomness and wrongness to it, which makes it punky. I'm a big fan of hair accessories - they can be vintage and don’t need to be expensive. The more eccentric the look is, the more style it has. There’s sometimes no rhyme or reason to the look, it’s just about your own interpretation. With this look, the clunkier it is, the better it is and the more you worry about it, the more wrong it looks. I used guts 10 to create a rough texture and then brushed it through and twisted hair into a wrap. I added more texture with Redken wind blown 05, then took trays of jewelry and randomly placed pieces of varying sizes throughout the hair. This look created a self-assured, eccentric kind of McQueen woman.” – Guido 

1. Wash and dry hair using All Soft shampoo and conditioner. On damp hair, apply guts 10 volume spray foam to roots. Rough dry hair using hands. 

2. Once dry, create a messy middle part using fingers. Liberally spray wind blown 05 dry texturizing spray throughout and brush through. 


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3. Divide hair into two even sections in the back. Cross one section underneath the other, pulling toward the crown and ensuring that the hair follows along the hairline. Secure section flat against the head using several pins, leaving the ends loose, stiff and placed at the middle of the crown. 

4. Repeat the same process on the other side of the head with the remaining half of hair, ensuring the end meets the other end at the middle crown. 

5. Secure a hair accessory to the front side of head with pins. Randomly place 2-3 other hair accessories of varying sizes throughout. 

6. Wet fingers with water and gently pull the ends, and sides of hairline, to create a slightly messy and haphazard look. Finish by misting shine flash 02 glistening mist throughout for added shine. 

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