System Professional, Giving Clients Tailor-Made Technology

Most women think that they know exactly what hair type they have. They sit down in their stylist’s chair and explain precisely what their hair needs. I’m no exception to that rule. I’d easily rattle off, “I have dry, curly, fine, damaged hair that needs loads of moisture.” Well, at a System Professional ( launch event, I found out that I wasn’t entirely right. The thought behind System Professional is that hair is more complex than just one basic adjective. Instead of giving a client a whole line of “damaged hair” or “colored treated” products, they diagnose different concerns based on a technologically advanced consultation.

After I filled out a detailed hair questionnaire, and was analyzed with a digital diagnosis tool, I learned that my hair wasn’t damaged at all—cuticles completely sealed down. My hair wasn’t overly fine—just a little finer than average. And my hair was fully moisturized, leaving my scalp a little oily—maybe I should ease up on those deep conditioners. That led to my personalized “EnergyCode”—I’m a H1 + S2 + S3 + V5—with specific System Professional products that addressed a multitude of my hair’s actual, unique needs. Everyone at the event learned something new about herself. And we all knew that salon clients would love the detailed, personalized approach System Professional offers them.


In 1974, a group of Wella scientists created the breakthrough System Professional, which features emulsions with ultra-light formulas so as not to overload the hair.  After 40 years dedicated to transformative hair care, System Professional scientists have now mastered ultra-personalization. They have discovered that each person’s hair has a unique energy profile that determines its elasticity, fiber health and responsiveness. More information is available here: @systemprofessional