Take Five with Stephen Moody

(Stephen Moody Take 5)

Between detailed YouTube videos and at-home color techniques, some hairdressers may find their clients visiting the salon less and less frequently. But, Stephen Moody, Wella North American Education Director, is determined to keep chairs filled and salons prosperous. Here, he shares five techniques hairdressers can utilize to keep their books busy.

1. Use Before & After Photography

Whether you’re doing nails, hair or a complete makeover, before and after photography speaks volumes on social media. At the moment, when you go on social media, most Instagram pages are filled with photos of the back of a woman’s head—everyone’s doing it. When you add in an image of a client with tired, long hair and washed-out color next to an image of that same woman with a colored, cut and fresh makeover, it’s more likely to draw attention.


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2. The Importance of a Visual Consultation

One thing I’m really big on is in-depth consultations. I don’t like to sit my clients down and drape them until I’m 100 percent certain what I want to do with their hair. Instead, I have her walk towards me in the salon and take mental notes of her appearance—How tall is she? How does she carry herself? What’s her body shape? I see a lot of hairdressers conducting consultations while their client is seated and draped, and as a result, they’re only doing a consultation with the clients’ head. But, when you see that clients’ shoes, clothing style and body language before you decide what you want to do with their hair, you can build a consultation around the type of person they are.

3. Create a Total Look

So many hairdressers think solely in terms of color, but even the most amazing haircolor product or the most amazing haircolor placement doesn't look that great unless it’s paired with a haircut and a suitable style. Whenever possible, hairdressers should be thinking in terms of color, cut, style and professional product for a every single appointment.

4. Make Use of a Mirror

I don’t think hairdressers get the most use out of the mirrors at their stations. Is the foil placement even? Does the style suit their face shape? Many hairdressers tend to look at the back of their clients’ head rather than analyzing the total look in the mirror. The mirror gives you a better perspective from the front, side, and the back. Additionally, it’s a tool to view balance and get an idea of where you’re going with their look and how it suits them when you’re finished.

5. Stop Saying Yes

Drive a suggestive consultation. Rather than saying yes to whatever it is that your client wants, listen to them, ask them about their lifestyle and habits and make a suggestion accordingly. There are a number of reasons clients come to your salon—they want the cut, color and blow-dry, but they also want your advice.

To be completely honest, a lot of people don’t suit the style they’re wearing, and it’s the hairdressers’ responsibility to point them towards a color, cut and finish that works better for them by way of suggestive consultation. It’s all about having the confidence to say, ‘I hear what you’re saying, but can I make a suggestion?’ Planting seeds and sharing trends, suggestions and ideas rarely costs you a client, however, not doing so can lead a client to check out other salons or stylists.