TheSalonGuy's Tips for Building a YouTube Channel

(The Salon Guy | YouTube)

Social media has become one of the biggest ways to create, build and sustain a brand. Social media is an ever-changing space; however, some platforms will remain consistent when it comes to building your brand, and one of them is YouTube. I started on YouTube 10 years ago and was one of the first stylists to put out content on the platform under my own brand “TheSalonGuy."

I wasn’t really sure about what it was or how to maximize it, but I stuck with it all these years and have over 1,500 videos, 640,000 subscribers and over 110 million views on my channel. The main point of this topic is to help you understand that you CAN use YouTube as a way to gain new business and to create a name for yourself.

The three key questions you need to ask yourself when building a channel are:

Why? What? How?

If you can answer these questions with confidence and really have a clear strategy, you are already ahead of the game. Why do you want to start a channel: Fame, money, business or branding? What types of content are you going to film: Haircuts, haircolor, updos, extensions?

How are you going to run your channel? Will you need to buy a camera? Can you use your phone? How much time will you dedicate to this? Again, if you can answer these questions it will really help out the process.

YouTube requires you to be VERY patient. It’s taken me years to get to the point where more and more viewers reached out for haircuts. I didn’t advertise that I was taking on clients, but putting my content out there drew in new clients naturally. If you are an expert in any skill, I highly suggest putting it out there for the world to see. Be patient, answer the three questions and don’t give up.