Tiffany Decaux's Collection: Neoteric

The Instagram photos of her hair tapestry work were featured on Today, which caused a flood of likes on Tiffany Decaux’s social media accounts, and for good reason. Working with 2015 Australian Hairdresser of the Year Damien Rinaldo at Boris the Cuttery, Decaux began exploring different mediums to introduce other textures into hairstyling and came up with the idea of using thread in hair for her Neoteric collection. “My mum was a quilter, and I grew up watching her make all these things,” says Decaux, who asked her mother for advice on knots and other sewing techniques that she could incorporate into her design. The rising star was mentored by hairdressing icon Sharon Blain at the 2014 Gen Next competition, which she won handily in 2014. The only question now is, what will she thread into her life next?