Anne Veck Pushes Beauty Boundaries with Planet Rouge Collection

(Desmond Murray)

Artistic perfection meets aesthetically pleasing design in this fashion-forward portfolio from internationally acclaimed and award-winning stylist Anne Veck. An avid experimenter, Veck pushed the boundaries of beauty into bold new territories with this body of work, dubbed Planet Rouge, playing up hair texture and dramatic shapes to make the ultimate style statement. “As the name implies, my inspiration for this collection came from Mars, the red planet,” says Veck, who owns two salons in Oxfordshire and Bicester in the UK. “These looks are all about sunsets and beautiful red evening skies.”

To fashion this big, beautiful look, Anne Veck used her hands to mold the hair into shape, creating a sharp edge and round volume on top, while keeping the style super-smooth throughout.

For this look, Veck called on a variety of techniques to prove that semi-relaxed hair can be shaped beautifully while still retaining its texture.


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Veck kept the majority of the hair loose, brushing it to amplify fuzzy texture. She created a small marcel wave in the center front for a sleek juxtaposition before adding a red ribbon detail to play up the drama.

For this Grace Jones-inspired flat top, Veck shaved the sides short and formed the length on top, molding the natural hair into shape with her hands.

Veck used red string and created braids and knots throughout the head, leaving the ends loose while fashioning the alluring shape.

Working with the natural texture, Veck created tight braids from the crown out, then sculpted the hair  into a geometric shape with her hands.

Photographer: Desmond Murray   

Makeup: Morgan Defre

Fashion Styling: Sue Fyfe-WilliamS