Tips for Introducing Service Spotlights

(Service Spotlights)

By Stephen Marinaro "TheSalonGuy"

As hairstylists and owners, we all want to offer our clients the next best service out there. It's easy to be unsure about how exactly to introduce a service without coming off too aggressive or pushing a hard sell. Service spotlights are a great marketing strategy that can build teamwork, education, marketing strategies and mostly, happy clients!

The key to a great plan is to actually have one. Many times, I have seen owners simply “launch” a new product or service without telling the staff, which leads to confusion and unwanted pressure. As stylists, we are not too fond of that because we simply can’t or won’t talk about it.


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The best way to launch a service spotlight is to have a solid plan of action. Educate yourselves on the service, have a team meeting, role play on sales strategies, discuss the benefits and pricing, and even try them out on each other. The more you believe in a service, the more you can share it. Don’t sell it, but educate the client on it. It takes a lot of pressure off of you and doesn’t make you feel so uncomfortable. Selling anything is hard enough!

If you are an Owner, please present this to your staff in a way of celebration. No one likes the word “meeting,” so prepare a "service celebration!" Maybe offer snacks, cocktails and some good 'ole team building, and your staff will be much more inclined to present these services to their clients.