Todd Snyder Shows Off a New Look

Todd Snyder Models
Models hairstyles complemented the new aesthetic from Todd Snyder during his Spring 2019 show. Photo Credit: Nic Bui

Todd Snyder’s Spring 2019 show was a fantastically unexpected departure from the look Snyder’s become known for. “The American Tourist” theme was nostalgic to 80s/90s Americana with a signature Todd Snyder touch. The styling influence of Jim Moore was prevalent and undoubtedly behind the younger more relaxed energy, including tie-dye, Hawaiian print, and mesh layers among others.

Robin (left) and Jaime (right) collaborate on a model's look


This energy translated to the hair as well. Robin Capili and Jaime Lynn Shafman did an phenomenal job in their roles perfectly complimenting the overall looks with the hair cuts and styles they created. An impressive feat due to some late shifts in concept.

Robin checks on finishing touches backstage at Todd Snyder Spring 2019

“Change is normal leading up to shows like this.” Snyder mentioned. Two days before the show, concepts developed in new ways, “The clothes really start to speak to us.” and that “even the music - the soundtrack shifted from The Eagles and John Cougar Mellencamp to Green Day and the Pet Shop Boys.”


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Todd Snyder back stage at his Spring 2019 show

Necessary adjustments demanded Capili and Shafman bring in eight new support stylists just two days before the show. They had to give major haircuts to about 80 percent of the models on the day of the show! Fortunately, they have a trusting relationship with their former colleagues at Sally Hershberger and were able to call on them for support. After hours of strategy and late nights of planning, they developed an approach to make everything work.

Jaime (right) and team collaborate on a model's look

This was the couple’s first time headlining hair for a show and the pressure was on! “It all falls on us!” Capili said. In an undeniably stressful circumstance, the team was refreshingly focused, kind, good-humored, and humble. It was actually lovely to see such a positive environment throughout it all and it was obvious how much their team respected them and their decisions.

Jaime & Robin

It’s one more reason to keep an eye on Robin Capili and Jaime Shafman. This year they became Co-Founders of The Kin House Hair Studio located in Todd Snyder’s flagship NYC store. It’s smartly designed in a way that merges both of their personalities. A color scheme and style that mirror’s Robin’s cool Cali energy and an organizational structure reflective of Jaime’s attention to cohesive detail. Perfectly complimentary, their business success comes as no surprise. They complement one another personally as well – they’re set to wed later this month. Just one more item to add to their list of remarkable accomplishments. American Salon expects many more to come from these two who are quickly gaining steam as an industry power couple.