Transformation: Post-Chemo Hair to Fighting Flame of Color

Rochelle Randall, a Paul Mitchell Salon Owner, gives her client Crystal an upbeat pop of brilliant color after chemotherapy treatment.

When you work with clients regularly, you start to become a part of their lives—hearing all about their ups and downs, joys and sorrows as they sit in your chair. Rochelle Randall, (@rochellerandall) a Paul Mitchell Focus Salon Owner in Costa Mesa, CA, watched her client Crystal go through a tough experience fighting ovarian cancer. After rounds of chemotherapy, Crystal lost her hair and patiently waited for it to grow back. When it did grow back, the texture and color had completely changed to darker blonde with unexpected ringlets. To showcase Crystal’s fighting spirit, Randall gave her client a dazzling platinum-blonde shade and a sweep of brilliant blue and green color, courtesy of Paul Mitchell’s new POP XG Color.

The Client: “Crystal had been on a hard journey dealing with cancer and chemo. She lost all her hair and waited months for it to grow back,” says Randall. “When it did, her hair went from blonde and pin straight, to a dark blonde and extra curly.”

The Goal: Get Crystal to a beautiful platinum shade and let her have some well-deserved fun with Paul Mitchell’s new POP XG Color. “Crystal wanted to see a flame of colors to represent the health battle she has been facing with ovarian cancer,” says Randall.


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The Color: Randall used Paul Mitchells SyncroLift Light and 30 Volume for 35 minutes and toned with UTA 10 Vol Cream. Randall mixed up some color magic with POP XG Color, starting with yellow mixed with a drop of green, feathering in green and ending in blue.

The Style: Randall washed Crystal’s hair with Paul Mitchell Platinum Blonde Shampoo and Forever Blonde Conditioner. Then she used Paul Mitchell Extra-Body Daily Boost Root Lifter, Sculpting Foam and Extra Body Hairspray to give Crystal’s look volume and long-lasting hold. “It was great because Crystal was up for a style that what went with her new color, which made the end result so much fun,” says Randall.

The Reaction: “Crystal’s response was priceless—just genuine joy, happiness and beauty. I feel so honored to be able to do her hair and be a part of this journey in her life,” says Randall. “She is always up for a change, which gives her hope that better days are ahead.”

Photography: Leah Hardy  Hair: Rochelle Randall, Paul Mitchell Salon Owner Makeup: Diane Caranica

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