Transformation Tuesday: Fashion Hues to Magnificent Mocha

Vicky with an adventurous fashion-color combination that had started to fade (left), and Vicky with a warm mocha shade that was easy to maintain (right).

A blend of beautiful fashion colors can be gorgeous, dramatic and fun. But one thing is for sure, they’re not low-maintenance. It was that “color upkeep” that was troubling Ashley Harfman’s client, Vicky. “With a special needs daughter, she really needed a shade and style that would be less maintenance,” says Harfman, a Keune Brand Specialist with Sweiss Inc., who works at Creme Colour Lounge in Chino, California.  

The Client: Vicky had been going to Harfman for over five years. “She’s always been adventurous with her hair, but she now has a daughter with special needs,” says Harfman. “There has to be a parent and a nurse with her daughter 24/7, and her husband works, so there's not a lot of time she gets to herself.” 

The Goal: “Vicky said that I could do whatever I thought was best,” says Harfman. “I wanted to give her something that was pretty and modern, but still low maintenance. I had just started working with Keune, so her not having a particular goal allowed me to really play and learn.” 


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The Color: Here’s the Keune formula I used on Vicky,” says Harfman.

  • Back 2 quadrants: Keune Tinta Color 6.03 + 4.00 + 4.6 + 10 volume + Keune Bond Fusion Phase 1 Bond Builder.
  • Front 2 quadrants: Slice through with same formula, leaving some of her hair out. Process 35 minutes, then rinse and towel dry. 
  • Back 2 quadrants: Keune Semi Color 5 + Red Semi Activator.
  • Front 2 quadrants: Keune Semi Color 7+ Semi Activator.

Process 20 minutes, rinse and apply Keune Bond Fusion Phase 2 Bond Enhancer. Leave on for five minutes. Follow with Keune After Color Treatment, which includes Keune Tinta After Color Shampoo pH4 and Keune Tinta After Color Balsam pH4. With a pH of 4, they close the cuticle and stop the oxidation process to lock in the color and provide longer-lasting results. I also sent her home with Keune Bond Fusion Phase 3 Bond Recharger.

The Cut: Since Vicky’s ends looked pretty good, once the color was finished, “I only had to give her a simple trim and add in some long layers,” says Harfman. “She likes to pull her hair back when she's with her daughter, so I did some point cutting to create long, soft layers starting at her shoulders. And, I kept her perimeter a bit heavier since she comes in so infrequently. If it's too wispy on the ends, the shape doesn't hold up between visits.” 

The Reaction: Harfman didn’t let Vicky see her hair until the color, cut and style were complete. “When I turned her around, she sat there for what felt like forever,” says Harfman. “I got a little nervous because she had a blank stare on her face, but then she exclaimed, ‘I freakin’ love it! I didn’t think I’d like being much darker, but I really do love it.’ This made me so excited because I really loved it too.” 

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