Transformation Tuesday: Lackluster Length To Luscious Lob

Models know that a refreshed look in their portfolio can easily equal more bookings. That’s why Jasmine came in to see Jennifer Montoya, (@jenn_starr12) JPMS Regional Color Coordinator and Lucas Doney (@lucasdoney) JPMS International Trainer, she wanted something richer, more modern and completely versatile.  

The Client: Jasmine, the mother of a young girl, was looking for a more current look, hoping to book more modeling jobs. 

The Goal: Give Jasmine a look that feels richer and healthier with more color depth. Also, create a cut that’s trendy and versatile with loads of movement.

The Color:  Montoya wanted to create a more lived-in, hand-painted, ombre look for her client. Here’s how she achieved that: I sectioned the hair into five standard segments, allowing me to see how the hair naturally fell and moved while separating the back from the front, and isolating the Mohawk section through the top. The first application was 5MT 10 vol Paul Mitchell The Color XG. I applied the formula to the base as if I were doing a root touch up and blended it down further onto the hair strand to create a shadow root and create depth. Next, I took Paul Mitchell Dual Purpose Lightener 20 vol and hand painted choice pieces that would showcase the cut Lucas was going to create. I isolated the pieces in foil to allow for them to not only incubated but to allow my next step of applying the lowlight easier. Once I placed the lightener in the hair, I used equal parts of Paul Mitchell The Demi 6N and 6A and processing liquid. I hand painted this formula in between the foils and on some of the existing blonde to create dimension and depth. I allowed Jasmine to process for 25 minuntes. I then shampooed Jasmine with Paul Mitchell Post Color Shampoo. Towel dried her hair and applied 2 parts 9V and 1 part 9N Paul Mitchell The Demi and processing liquid.

The Cut: Doney wanted to give Jasmine a more current vibe, and to do so he had to cut off several inches. And, by incorporating lots of long layers, Jasmine was given added movement and body. 

The Style: To boost Jasmine’s volume, Doney sprayed her hair with Paul Mitchell Lavender Mint Leave In Conditioner and Lemon Sage Thickening Spray. And, using a medium-sized round brush, he created a gorgeous, natural-looking bend in the hair. 

The Reaction: Jasmine immediately felt more confident when she looked in the mirror. “Now that Jasmine has something more modern and easy to maintain, she knew she was ready to book some modeling jobs,” says Montoya. “It’s the highest form of flattery when a guest takes a selfie right away. There were lots of selfies taken after this look was finished.” 

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