Transformation Tuesday: Neon Purple to Golden Blonde

Makayla loved her neon purple (right); but wanted to start her first teaching job as golden blonde (left).

In this Transformation Tuesday, Jennifer Negron Fernandez, (@hair_jeneration) ColorpHlex International Master Educator and owner of Next Jeneration Salon and Barbershop in North Point, FL, took her client from neon purple to golden blonde. The new shade helped the young teacher start the year off right.  

The Client: Makayla is a regular client of Fernandez’s, but as you can tell from the natural regrowth, she can’t come into the salon as often as she’d like. The reason: Makayla has a full-time job, part-time job and a full college schedule. On this salon visit Makayla was super excited about starting a new job as an English teacher, and she wanted a change before school year began. 

The Goal: Transforming her neon purple color into an easy-to-maintain, golden blonde shade. According to Makayla, she wanted the new color to feel, “a little more professional and less fantasy.” 


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The Color: To achieve the golden blonde shade Makayla requested, Fernandez had to contend with inches of level two natural regrowth and pre-lightened mid-shaft and ends colored with Sparks Purple Passion. Here’s what Frenandez did: First she removed the purple with 1 oz. of Colorphlex Shampoo, 1 oz. Vivitine's Lumina Lightener, 1 oz. Vivitone's 20 vol Oxyactivator, 1 oz water and 6 ml Colorphlex. She then repeated this step until all the purple was removed. Next, she did a full head of highlights in foils with Vivitone's Lumina Lightener and Vivitone's 30 vol Oxyactivator at the new growth, 20 vol at mid-shaft to ends, and Colorphlex. Her base color was 1/2 oz Vivitone 7N, 1/2 oz 7GB, 2 oz Vivitone's 30 vol Oxyactivator, and 3 ml Colorphlex on new growth between the foils. And, for the mid-shaft and ends, she used 1/2 oz Vivitone's 7N, 1 oz 7GB, 3 oz Vivitone's 10 vol. Oxyactivator, and 4 1/2 ml Colorphlex. She then rinsed and shampooed with Colorphlex shampoo and conditioner. “To be honest, I was really concerned that I wouldn’t be able to remove all of the purple, since it had stayed so nicely for months, with little to no fading,” says Fernandez. “Towards the end of the color process I used a twisting technique to blend the colors for a more natural look. When I was finished I was amazed at how soft the hair felt, like I never even touched it with chemicals.”

The Reaction: When Fernandez finished her color, Makayla couldn’t stop looking in the mirror. “You know you did a good job when your client goes straight to her boyfriend’s house to show off her hair. Of course, he absolutely loved it,” says Fernandez. “She received so much positive feedback that all of her new teacher friends wanted my number.” As they say, a happy customer is the best marketing.

Photography and Hair: Jennifer Negron Fernandez

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