Try These Tips to Master Curtain Fringe


In most parts of the US, cold weather is back with a vengeance and, as a result, a lot of clients want to keep their locks longer. However, maintaining length doesn’t mean that they want to sacrifice style! That’s where the curtain fringe comes in. Curtain fringe is a trendy bang that's shorter in the center and longer towards the outer corners of the eyes. The benefit of this longer bang is versatility. Clients can wear the look down in their face for a framing effect or push them to either side for a casual, side-swept look! The bangs are also low commitment as they can be grown out fairly quickly, making it a perfect introduction to clients looking to dip their toes into layers or bangs.

Let’s dive in to the proven tips and tricks in succeeding the execution of a curtain fringe:

Start longer, then cut shorter to suit client's taste. A good curtain fringe is longer rather than shorter. A good guideline for the shortest length is just underneath the brows. Overdirect the outer corners to that center point for a dramatic increase in length to the sides to finish the outline. If this is too long for the client, take the center guideline shorter and repeat the process of overdirecting the sides to center to finish the look. It’s better to be safe than sorry, so leaving it longer gives you the ability to customize it to your client’s taste instead of having to tell them that it will be perfect in a couple weeks!


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Layer the fringe for shaggy texture. The key to a great curtain fringe is some shaggy texture. Take vertical sub-sections and overdirect the sides to center. Elevate the fringe high and cut the corner of weight off the top. This will result is a soft bevel that will curve to the head shape and add textured layers for a modern feel. If the client’s hair is fine, make sure to leave enough density at the bottom to keep a strong perimeter line.

Create a curtain fringe face frame. Add face-framing layers to the hair using the longest points of the fringe as the starting guide. This adds layers to connect the fringe to the length and gives soft pieces of hair for the client to wear around the face when they put their hair up!

Check out the how-to video below to learn the easiest method of cutting a Curtain Fringe!