Want to Create Your Own Products? Here’s How

Prose is keeping things simple, offering basics like a pre-shampoo mask, a shampoo and a conditioner.

The stylist-client relationship is getting a fresh new look, thanks to Prose. The haircare company, launched in 2017 by a team of former L’Oréal and Phyto executives—CEO Arnaud Plas, R&D Advisor Catherine Taurin, CTO Nicolas Mussat and VP of Product Paul Michaux—is reinstating the stylist’s control by enabling them to create customized products for clients. “Collaborating with the professional is key for us,” Michaux told American Salon. “If you have the wrong input, you have the wrong output.”

A detailed consultation led by the stylist and with the aid of an app takes into account the client’s hair needs and wants; lifestyle, diet, exercise, and stress level; and geographic location (UV, pollution, humidity, season.) Then, AI processes 85 data points and analyzes a reserve of 76 natural ingredients to formulate customized and personalized formulas. (That’s 50 billion possible combinations.)


After a scalp oil test using a clear cellophane-type tab, the client answers a series of simple questions with the help of the stylist and the formulation begins, down to the fragrance. “The fragrances coordinate with your body chemistry, and fall under three different categories—oily, dry and normal,” said Faith M. Huffnagle, director of education. “There are only three you can choose from, given your formula and scalp type. You want to use the fragrance that best matches your pH. And of course, you can always go fragrance-free.” There is also the option for vegan and gluten-free formulas, and to print the stylist’s name or the salon name on the bottles—a bespoke product from the inside, out.

Prose is keeping things simple, offering basics like a pre-shampoo mask, a shampoo and a conditioner, ranging from $28 to $48, depending on the ingredient combination (pomegranate peel, sacha yushi oil, plant stem cells and hyaluronic acid, to name a few; sidenote: all formulas are cruelty-, sulfate-, paraben-, dye-, phthalate- and GMO-free). Carrying stock is not an option, as each regimen is completely customized, eliminating the need for a major buy-in. The line is made in the Prose lab in New York City and delivered directly to clients within five business days. 

“Our goal is to change the way things are working for the professional,” said Michaux. So far, Prose has partnered with 16 salons and stylists. To start working with Prose, stylists can apply at prosehair.com. They are then trained on the brand and can begin consultations with the app. What’s more, the model is commission-based, with stylists earning 50 percent of the first sale and 20 percent of every reorder. 

For more information, visit prosehair.com.