What's Trending in Haircolor?

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The results are in! Wella Color Charm reported on the biggest haircolor trends in its first “What’s Trending in Hair Color” Report, highlighting the latest haircoloring behaviors and most popular trends amongst American women in 2020.

What’s trending?

A third of women said that they would be interested in trying a vivid hair color (non-natural colors).

"The popularity in pinks and peach hair have shown up more since the pandemic. I think the inability to get out of the house has created a surge of experimenters that wanted to try primary color, whom otherwise wouldn’t be able to because of their jobs."Darico Jackson, celebrity hairstylist

Of all color trends, women 65-plus are most interested in testing out the money piece, a chunkier, face-framing root to tip highlight perfect for brightening up your face.

"The money piece is definitely a trend that is a new constant in my salons! I get at least 3-4 request for face framing, chunky highlights every day."Oliver Adams, haircolor artist

Roughly 1 in 4 women want to return to their natural color.

"After quarantine, a lot of people just want to go back to their natural hair color. I have been doing a lot of this once we got back to the salon."Luis Rodriguez, hair and makeup artist

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