What You Need to Know Before Applying Wax

Now that the world is brow-obsessed, many salons and spas are adding the service to their menu. It’s a fast-growing lucrative market that anyone trained to professionally apply wax can get in on. But, in order to excel at it, you have to be able to access skin properly. Today, more and more people have sensitive skin, which can be a bit trickier to work with.

Most bad waxing experiences usually come down to the burn—applying hot wax that burns skin and then immediately damages the top layer. Everyone’s worst nightmare! The sad fact is, honey and pine-based waxes, although economical, have to be kept at a high temperature, which increases the risk of burning, especially on sensitive skin. Aside from burning, sensitive skin is also prone to irritation, redness, bruising, bumps and ingrown hairs. It can be daunting waxing sensitive skin, but it’s perfectly safe—you just have to use a high-quality, low-temperature wax.

I created my own lipo-soluble cream wax that only needs to be kept at a warm temperature, making it perfect for sensitive and other skin types. It’s called Boom Boom Flash Wax and its special low-temperature formula contains healing properties like titanium dioxide and lavender to calm skin and minimize irritation.

And, it’s so easy to use! I can feel totally confident that my staff and others that use it will have success waxing with it.