White Noise Collection Screams Strength and Grit

Sure, the definition of 'white noise' is "meaningless" or "distracting commotion," but é SALON's latest collection, WHITE NOISE, is anything but a meaningless distraction. It's the epitome of strength and female empowerment—with serious Ex Machina vibes. WHITE NOISE presents a futuristic view, highlighted by a gritty fashion edge. The collection strings together tones of Jean-Paul Gaultier with an over-arching theme of metallic, ultimately highlighted by definitive dimension and strength.

Drawing inspiration from the desire to work with different fibers and metallic materials, WHITE NOISE delivers a tough, yet mildly ethereal subtext, with white and metallic presenting a perfect juxtaposition of softness and toughness.

Structure and form inspire the hair with braids, cuts and metal threading incorporated throughout. The use of metallic materials such as nails and metal rings highlight futuristic elements and strength in each image. The use of metals emphasizes texture and shine, delivering another dimension to the hair, while the metallic theme is weaved in with the makeup. 


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Hair: é SALON; Photographer: Robert Lobetta; Post production: Kay Lobetta; Stylist: Emma Cotterill; Makeup: Cathy Geeves

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