Why You Should Offer Add-On Services

(add-on services)

Written by Megan Grimm (@megan.e.grimm)

What are your top holiday salon services? If your salon is anything like ours, we are booked with hair repair treatments, shine services and blow outs galore! I'm going to talk a little about the services that are hot in our salon this holiday season, who benefits best from these services, and why we suggest them when we do.

Who Benefits?


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We are coming up on some of the toughest seasons in terms of environmental stressors for our hair. From damaged, overworked hair to color fading, we start seeing the effects of dry weather as early as late summer.

Not only are the cooler months a good time to rejuvenate clients' hair, but it's also smart to act proactively in attempt to prevent hair damage. It's also a great time to give clients' hair a break from blonding services. Process after process can leave hair feeling and looking less than its best. Over time, my guests have gravitated towards warming up their tones with glazing and color filling during the fall and winter. This does not necessarily mean that we take all of our guests from blonde to light brunette. Instead, it means a lot of are blondes requesting rich, lively golden tones.

In my experience, working on the strand and cuticle health is just enough to refresh the your guests' color. That's why, after a few treatments, I apply a clear glaze or what we call a 'shine service.' As long as we educate our guests about good home care with professional products, that shine service will last them through the holiday.

We have a variety of hair treatments at our LÁNZA Healing Center at Fiore Hair Salon. I stick to the professional in-salon services we provide, but we send all of our guests home with multiple moisturizer, strength building and leave-in treatments. My number one add-on service is my LÁNZA Emergency Service Treatment. This amazing formula builds hair scaffolding under medium heat while the Curing Cream fills the scaffolding with essential nutrients and moisture. The Curing Cream cures in a 48 hour period, leaving the hair touchably soft and shiny. In fact, I have taken guests with fried ends to an almost-virgin state in less than five services! They can even come back every 48 hours and do the service again. It heals until it's done healing without compromising the hair's integrity.

Why Suggest a Treatment Service?

These types of services create undeniable VALUE for us as a salon and myself as a stylist. It shows that we have a deeper knowledge as to what makes beautiful hair, beautiful and healthy looking hair, healthy from the inside out. This is one of our points of difference!

As I spend more time with my guests, I watch for signs of compromised hair. The truth is, certain services can only be done so many times until the hair needs a break. So, I listen to the hair to determine whether or not it is time to brighten those highlighted ends, or if it's time for a hair treatment.

I almost always suggest a blow out service for my brides. Why, you ask? It guarantees that I get full control of wave pattern and hair texture. It sets me up perfectly for the day of her wedding and styling is so much easier. By providing her with an additional service, I get her wheels turning about coming back to me as a forever guest for cut, color, and other luxury services.

Finally, aside from the health of the hair and building a stronger relationship between with my guest, I suggest treatments because I want to add on to my services. If it is necessary, I want to increase my daily profit as much as possible.