Why You Should Try Dry Shampoo on Textured Hair

(curly hair)

Written by Aleisbel Vazquez (@curlpop)

Dry shampoo is a fan favorite for countless reasons. Many use it as their go-to product for drying up sweat after a gym session, while others reach for it to soak up oils if it's not a hair wash day. On top of that, it also masks odors and gives hair a clean, fresh scent. We see a lot of girls with straight hair use dry shampoo, but what happens when someone with textured, curly hair uses it? Do they receive the same benefits? Are there additional benefits? There was only one way to find out how this product would perform on textured or curly hair—we had to use it ourselves. This is not about which dry shampoos are the best for natural hair, rather it’s about what benefits they can deliver on our hair. Here's my truth as I have tested it on my curls and my clients' curls.

—Dry shampoo is actually an amazing product to work with on natural hair texture and curls. In addition to all its cleansing and absorbing benefits, it also creates volume. Dry shampoo is formulated with ingredients to soak up the excess oil in your clients' hair. This is what makes it seem as though it has cleaner and fresher appearance In reality, natural oils can become quite heavy on the scalp, which really weighs the hair down especially if you have texture and curls. Dry shampoo, when applied properly, will soak up enough of these oils and allow you to shake the hair at root area, creating a more voluminous look.

—Your client doesn't have to wait for their favorite second- and third-day hair, they can achieve it right away with dry shampoo. All you have to do is cleanse the curls thoroughly and apply a great conditioner to ensure sure the scalp is super moisturized. Then, proceed with the application of styling product. Once you have diffused, apply dry shampoo to the the flat spots of the head—on curly girls, that's usually the back, top of the head and the front sides. Be sure to apply it on the hair closest to the scalp, but not directly on the scalp. Allow the dry shampoo to settle on the hair and shake hair for volume. Keep your fingers on the scalp when shaking so that you don’t disrupt the curl. This will also prevent it from leaving a white residue. Video demonstration here.

Get to playing around with dry shampoo and always stay Curl Pop’n!