Kevin Murphy Goes Down Under for January's Cover

For Kevin Murphy — founder of the eponymous cult line that celebrates fashion, performance and environment — the latest collection called Outback was the perfect opportunity to showcase the brand’s heritage against the breathtaking backdrop of the Australian Outback. “It’s special to us because it’s our home, and also because the Outback has so many diverse looks, from grasslands to a salt lake,” says Murphy. “It’s the solitariness that inspired the story of models being at odds with their environment. It makes for a compelling picture.” The collection presents a new attitude of luxe, with soft styles that also have a tough, edgy feel. Freshly washed hair, enhanced textures and warm-colored tones paired with a harsh, rugged terrain captures this juxtaposition exquisitely to communicate the collection’s message of delivering relaxed, natural style no matter the environment.

Kevin Murphy

Top: Murphy wanted to present this couple as a mirage in the Outback desert by creating perfectly imperfect waves set against a windswept landscape. On him: Murphy used Stimulate.Me Wash and Rinse, Thick.Again and Killer.Curls. On her: Angel.Wash and Rinse, a medium iron using Full.Again and Pin.Clips, and finished with Doo.Over.

Stalks of wheat bring out the gold in this perfectly warm blonde. To create this style, Murphy used Blonde.Angel Wash and Rinse, Leave-in.Repair, a medium iron, Shimmer-Me.Blonde and Texture.Comb, and combed through Session.Spray to detail.

A square-shaped bowl cut highlights the model’s beauty in the harsh light of a salt lake, and eveningwear in daylight breaks all the rules for a real come-as-you-are attitude. To get this look, Murphy used Angel.Wash and Rinse, applied Leave-in.Repair and let air dry, then finished with Easy.Rider.

The overall palette is tonal with pops of color from the dress, producing the ultimate contrast. Plus, the use of a fringe addition created an instant change in the feel of the look, according to Murphy. He used Hydrate.Me Wash and Rinse, Full.Again, a medium iron and finished with Bedroom.Hair and Texture.Comb. 

Inspired by ’80s-era Brooke Shields and the danger-deflecting powers of Wonder Woman’s signature weapon, this look communicates the line’s ability to protect against heat and the elements. Murphy used Young.Again Wash and Rinse, Body.Builder and Bedroom.Hair. 

Murphy and his team wanted to explore the new “awkward length bob” and blended broken-up fingerwaves for a more modern feel. He used Angel.Wash and Rinse, Full.Again with Pin.Clips and Doo.Over.

Photographer: Luis Murphy
Hair Team: Nathan Gorman, Wade Blackford, James Nicholson
Wardrobe: Emily Ward
Make-Up: Kenneth Higgins