September Cover: The Charm and Spectacle of Color


It’s hard to imagine we only began to understand what color actually is less than 350 years ago, when Sir Isaac Newton proved that light is made up of a spectrum of colors. Nevertheless, to this day color still remains captivating and magical. Capturing the charm, spectacle and transformative power of color was key to Aloxxi’s cover collection, aptly called Wonder. Bringing together three of their top artists—Cassi Young-Paxton, Sam LaBella and Peggy Wright—the shoot reveals what can be achieved when a hairdresser is allowed to explore the variety of colors in their toolbox. After all, unbridled creative vision is what creates magic. 


“The concept of including a sleek, textured and curly look was perfect for a theme like ‘wonder,’” says LaBella of the three styles created for each of the models. “This project shows how someone can have a completely different, colorful look depending on how they style their hair.” Young-Paxton agrees: “This diversity in style allowed the color to transform and reveal something unique each way.” 

The stylists believe that these looks are right in line with what clients will be clamoring for this autumn and winter. “There is so much color in fall fashion this year,” Young-Paxton says. “And the big, bold pops of color we embraced highlight the importance of this trend.” LaBella takes it one step further, pointing out that this season saw catwalks embracing different textures like never before. 


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And what about men—will more embrace color? “Men love color, just ask them!” says LaBella. “Try starting with a small placement of a natural adjacent color like eggplant, or get inspired by that gorgeous denim blue Peggy created on (model) Michael.”

‘‘We pre-lightened Brittany with ULTRA Lightener and added our RRx Treatment. Next we pre-toned her with a formula of TONES 10V CLEAR, VIOLET and RED GEM. Then we diluted the mix with CLEAR for the mid-lengths and ends to create a natural depth at the base. This step is especially important with pastels—you want to start with a neutral canvas. Cassi had a great idea for opposing tones to create a pop of color ‘shooting’ along the parietal ridge. We foiled the shooting star section with a peachy pink formula using ULTRA HOT shades in Pink, Yellow, Violet and Clear.’’—Sam LaBella

‘‘A lightning bolt placement just felt right for Michael. We used the QUICK LIFT Lightener to lift the hair ‘lightning’ fast. We wanted to give him a smoky, denim, masculine tone.’’—Cassi Young-Paxton

‘‘Sometimes, a small change can be so powerful. I try to switch it up often. ANDIAMO allows me to do quick changes in the salon. Once you remove the barrier of time, the options are endless.’’ —Peggy Wright

‘‘As soon as Lucy came to the model call, I just had this vision for a clean, round shape with a pop of a rainbow inside. Using our BLUE Lightener to pre-lighten the crescent shape then applying ANDIAMO for the last 10 minutes allowed me to get her ready for ULTRA HOT application in half the time. The rainbow color was meant to give a peekaboo effect no matter how she wears it.’’—Cassi Young Paxton 

Photographer: Dorit Thies 
Hair: Cassi Young-Paxton, Sam LaBella, Peggy Wright 
Makeup: Noel Nichols 
Stylist: Lisa Peckham