Word Play with Nick Arrojo

Nick Arrojo, (@nickarrojo) ARROJO founder and celebrity hairstylist, plays word association with Executive Editor Andrea Dawn Clark.

Wild animal
I can be one of those.

I only wish I had a lot more of it.

Nothing makes me happier than seeing my kids smile when they’re sleeping.

Whenever I think of a dog, I think of a model with a dog in her bag.

The ’70s
They were all about textured, big hair and flared trousers. When I went to school I had the widest pants—they could cover my shoes.

One of my favorite colors—everything stands out when it’s in front of something black.

Life should be filled with lots of it.

I love washing my hair. I love trying shampoo. And I love being clean and smelling new.

Love at first sight
When I saw my children for the very first time.