You'll Never Guess Where the New iPhone Commercial Takes Place

If you needed any more proof that barbers = cool, then look no further than the brand-new iPhone 7 Plus commercial that dropped Monday on Apple’s official YouTube channel. Titled, appropriately, “Barbers,” the 70-second-long ad demonstrates Apple’s Portrait camera mode that takes depth-of-field portraits. In the ad, the small family-run shop in New Orleans becomes inundated with clients who wait patiently in a long line out of the door after the barbers print out transformational client photos and post them in the windows and throughout the shop. Fun fact: As a result of the shoot, Locks of Love received 24 hair donations to make wigs and hairpieces for financially disadvantaged kids in the U.S. and Canada.

“In Portrait mode on iPhone 7 Plus, you don’t just look good. You look fantastic,” the video’s description says. And we couldn’t agree more. Check it out for yourself by watching the video below.


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