Tips and Tricks: Blonde Ambition

Is there a shade more head-turning than a beautiful blonde? It comes as no surprise that blonding is one of the most popular color services. So check out our experts’ tips and tricks for keeping your clients bright and shiny.

Q. What in-salon treatments do you recommend for brightening blonde color?

A. When clients revisit the salon seeking a blonde brightening service, an instant upgrade to their blonde is a Goldwell 5 Minute New Blonde in-salon service to their natural hair. It’s instant gratification, with lightening and brightening in one effortless, time-saving application. To create shine on an existing blonde, apply Goldwell Elumen High Performance Permanent Hair Color Glaze [email protected] and [email protected]. Clients love the reflection of light that they see.

—Rebecca Hiele, Goldwell Artistic Director

Goldwell Elumen High Performance Hair Color

Q. What about clients with ombre blonde hair?
In between color appointments, I’ll incorporate seamless face-framing highlights and lift the color focus upwards. Then I’ll follow up with a gloss service to smooth and refresh any tone that’s lost through the lengths.
—Renee Valerie, US Technical Education Director for TIGI

Q. Is there anything new trending in blonde services?
This year, we’re going to see “less is more” in terms of lightening. I think that blondes are going to stay bright, but incorporate more of their natural or base color. This lets the blonde pieces stand out, giving a 3-D pop when you see blonde next to the contrasting darker shade, even if that shade is only two levels darker. So when doing highlights or a balayage, I won’t place as many foils or sections, but the pieces I do make blonde are very bright. And I have my clients come for their regularly scheduled retouching to keep the pieces framing their face blonde.
—Shelley Gregory, L’Oréal Professionnel Brand Ambassador

Q. What in-salon treatments do you recommend for fixing brassiness?
I always start with Redken Pre Art and Hair Cleansing Cream Shampoo to remove any mineral deposits that might be affecting the hair color. After clarifying the hair, Redken Shades EQ Gloss in 08N is perfect for correcting brassiness because it has the highest deposition of blue/violet undertones, and can easily be modified through the use of Shades EQ Crystal Clear for all levels.
—George Garcia, Redken Artist and Owner/Artistic Director of The Loft Salon

Redken Shades EQ Gloss

Q. Is there a quick fix for counteracting brassiness?
Because we must replace the cool pigments with a violet ash and/or beige, Aloxxi Tones is great for counteracting brass while keeping lightness, especially for very light shades.
—Teri Dougherty, Aloxxi Artistic Advisor

Aloxxi Tones No Lift Colour