Color How-To: Rich Copper Balayage

(Kelsey Morris | Sola)

Balayage is one of the most highly-requested color services because it can be done on a variety of hues, dark brunettes included. When Kelsey Morris, a creative colorist and Sola Salon Studio independent business owner, had a client come in with a natural level 5 and some grey, she decided on a rich copper balayage that complemented the client's underlying pigment. 


Color Formula 1 Sunlights Clay Lightener with 50-Volume Suncreme 1:1

Color Formula 2 5N Shades EQ and Processing Solution 1:1

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Color Formula 3 6CR Shades EQ and Processing Solution 1:1

Step 1Apply Formula 1 using a balayage technique. Process for 35 minutes without heat.

Step 2Pre-tone the hair with Sunlights Violet Shampoo.

Step 3Apply Formula 2 to roots to blend grey. Process for 20 minutes.

Step 4: Apply Formula 3 throughout from mid-shaft to ends. Process for 20 minutes.