Color How-To Video: Warm, Rooty Blonde with Guy Tang

There isn't a hairdresser alive that hasn't experienced this situation. A perfectly nice client walks into the salon—in dire need of a color correction—and sheer panic instantly sets into your heart. You reassure her that she's come to the right place. Don't worry, I know exactly what to do, you say with confidence. But deep down you're thinking to yourself, how the heck am I going to fix this? Rest assured, it happens to everyone, even color guru Guy Tang (@Guy_Tang).  

In today's how-to, Tang walks us through a color correction that takes his client from a dull, brassy orange to a beautiful warm blonde. "Why are you doing this to me?" Tang joked when he was combing through his client's hair during consultation. "I'm a little concerned," he said. See what we mean? The panic is real, and it can happen to us all. And, although it might not be quick and easy, the transformation is possible. Watch the eight-hour process unfold below. 

Color Correction Tips: 

  • Backcomb the mid-shaft of the hair into foils using 40vol Olaplex and #Mydentity #Big9 Cremé Lightener (equal parts). If the ends are brassy, leave them out of the foil and add lightener using a paddle to avoid damage. 
  • Use back-to-back foils throughout the hair. The thinner the section, the better. 
  • Depending on the section you're working on, apply the lightener in a "V" or "W" formation. 
  • To get the highlighting as close to the face as possible, use a face-framing weaving technique and work at an angle. Feather the lightener down.
  • Processing time, lightener application and foils will depend fully on your client's desired end look. 

About: Cult LA Colorist & Hair Activist, Guy Tang, created a social media dynasty by inspiring other stylists, just like him, to make a difference and change the world doing hair. Guy introduced his own unique style into the industry by providing education through hair art on his YouTube channel, Instagram and Facebook platforms. Through these platforms, Guy empowered his #hairbestie family to bring fun and excitement back into the industry. He is the creator of #Mydentity Color Line.

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