Color Tips & Tricks: Balayage

Balayage continues to be one of the biggest and most popular color trends in the salon today. So many different effects from soft and natural to strong and punky can be achieved. Here are some keys to keep in mind for pulling off a perfect balayage.

  • Preventing Hard Lines “To avoid hard lines, work with a clean brush and wipe off any excess product. Go in with light strokes. If new to balayage, start by backcombing each section before applying color to ensure a diffused end result. I used this technique on everyone until I got the hang of it,” says Ruth Tedmori, ColorProof Platform Artist. “Also, hard lines usually happen around the hairline. Avoid this by taking small sections and babylight without foil around the front hairline.”
  • Correcting Hard Lines “If a line does show its stripy head, match the base color and paint the surface into the lighter shade for blending. Sometimes, I’ll do this on dampened hair. Then correct with a demi-permanent like Wella Professionals Color Touch Demi Permanent or Wella Illumina Color Permanent for blending,” says Michael Haase, Wella Top Artist and owner of Salon Platinum Black.

  •  Brushes Matter “You need a longer bristle brush to balayage. Short bristles push the product into the hair and cause hard lines,” says Siddeeqah Ra’oof, Manager of Education Development at Redken. “You also need a paddle to keep your hands clean. I prefer a wide paddle with a reservoir to hold product.”

  • Top of Mind “You need fresh brushes. If specialty color services make you the most money behind the chair, having the right tools for each job is vital. Buy your brushes and don’t rely on your salon to provide them for you. Messy brushes equal messy application,” says Ra’oof.

  • Lasting Trend “Balayage is definitely here to stay since painting is the key to artistry in our industry,” says Haase. “But the skill and education needed behind the art is up to the stylist to seek out. That will make or break the look.

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