Conversations at the Color Bar: @auracolorist

Known for her artistry and ability to create the perfect hair color for each client, Aura Friedman is a visionary who has been setting color trends for years. Aura’s color work includes the creation of the “oil slick” trend, "splashlights" for Caroline Polachek, ombré for M.I.A., and pink hair for Lady Gaga. Her transformative color on Sky Ferreira, Soo Joo Park and Charlotte Carey helped propel their careers. Her trademark is understated elegance, which she achieves by emulating the variations in tone and highlight of nature and natural hair, even with the most dramatic colors. 

In this latest installment of b3 Brazilian Bond Builder’s "Conversations At The Color Bar," Aura talks about her unique approach to color, making color choices for clients not just by skin tone and eye color, but by personality and personal style, and drawing inspiration from haute couture and art. 

“Conversations At The Color Bar,” is a web series brought to you exclusively by b3 Brazilian Bond Builder, profiling the best of the best in the color world. They’ll take you inside the salon with today’s color trendsetters, where you’ll discover what inspires them, how they work, and what they’re creating.  

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