How-To: Guy Tang Creates Rose Gold Royalty

Photos courtesy of @guy_tang and @therubyelement

From Kylie Jenner to Salma Hayek and now Iggy Azela, everyone wants to dip their hair into the rose gold trend. One of our favorite hair besties, Guy Tang (@guy_tang), walks us through a dramatic color transformation that brings his model, Ruby Park (@therubyelement), from a natural level two to a level 10, and then to a dimensional, luminous pink shade all in one session.

At one time, Park was a big name Instagram personality. After a few years in the working world, she admits that she was ready to trade in her corporate card and regain a following on her social media platforms. Obviously, the only proper way to make a grand entrance is with a bold and colorful hairstyle, but the transformation posed a challenge, even for hair guru and master colorist Tang. 

If you have a client with old color, or one that's looking for a drastic change, you don't want to miss this. As Tang says, sometimes it's easier to work with the color than to fight it. 

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  1. Lighten hair with 40 volume #BIG9 Créme Lightener (models hair is natural level 2 with a little bit of old color on the tips).
  2. Use 1:1 ratio for a full lift or a 2:1 ratio and add Olaplex to maintain hair's integrity. 
  3. Split hair into four quadrants and apply the #BIG9 Créme Lightener about an inch off the root. 
  4. Add foils throughout the back of the head and fully saturate the hair. Fold foils to increase head conductivity. 
  5. Let process until hair reaches at least a level 9. 
  6. Working on the sides of the head, use your hands as a platform and massage the lightener through the hair before adding foils.
  7. Cross check the lift. Peel the foils up to expose the scalp area and apply 20 volume #BIG9 Créme Lightener.


  • FORMULA A: Mix equal parts 8GI Gold Ice and 10RG Rose Gold with 10 volume developer and Olaplex no 1. 
  • FORMULA B: Mix equal parts 10IG Ice Gold and 10RG Rose Gold with 10 volume developer and Olaplex no 1. 
  • FORMULA C: Mix equal parts 10A Ash and 10RG Rose Gold with 10 volume developer and Olaplex no 1.
  • FORMULA D: 10RG Rose Gold with 10 volume developer and Olaplex no 1. 
  • FORMULA E: Mix 20 grams 3MV Midnight Violet, 25 grams 8DL Dusty Lavender and 25 grams 10RG Rose Gold with equal parts 10 volume developer and Olaplex no 1. 
  • FORMULA F: Mix two tubes of 9AR Amber Rose with equal parts 10 volume developer and Olaplex no 1.

  1. Using a a block-coloring foiling technique, section a crescent shape going up towards the fringe area.
  2. Foiling the section and working towards the parietal area, use formula D on a thin section closest to the root.
  3. Next, use formula C for three back-to-back foils. 
  4. Apply formula A as a lowlight for two back-to-back foils.
  5. Apply formula B for three back-to-back foils and then repeat steps two-five working diagonally and cupping the face.
  6. Apply formula E on the roots.
  7. Blur formula F on the roots for a smooth transition and added depth. 

About: Cult LA Colorist & Hair Activist, Guy Tang, created a social media dynasty by inspiring other stylists, just like him, to make a difference and change the world doing hair. Guy introduced his own unique style into the industry by providing education through hair art on his YouTube channel, Instagram and Facebook platforms. Through these platforms, Guy empowered his #hairbestie family to bring fun and excitement back into the industry. He is the creator of #Mydentity Color Line.