How-To Video: Pastel Balayage with Guy Tang

photo courtesy of Guy Tang

While balayage is typically known for its subtlety and naturalness on blondes and brunettes, there's no harm in venturing to the wild side. Hair guru Guy Tang (@guy_tang) and Ariana Sin (@arianasin), Guy Tang mydentity artist, experimented with two clients and balayaged vibrant pastels over colorful hair. The result? An incredibly unique color with a ton of dimension and shine. 


  • Mix 100 grams of Magnum8 Powder Lightener with 10 or 20-volume developer depending on the starting point.
  • If roots need to be touched up, apply a centimeter away from the scalp.
  • After retouch, apply the same formula on warm areas of the hair.
  • Place foil over lightened sections and leave the ends out.
  • Rinse and blow dry.
  • Apply root formulas an inch from the scalp. 
  • Apply mid formulas and pull through to the ends. 
  • Using all four shades of Guy Tang Dual Booster Color Max + 6-volume developer, balayage the surface section by section.

Guy Tang's Formulas

  • Root formula : 55 grams 8SS + 20 grams 6SS + 6-volume developer
  • Mids formula: 8SS + Crystal Clear to dilute intense color

Ariana Sin's Formulas 

  • Root formula: 20 grams 6DL + 55 grams 10DL
  • Mids formula: 10DL + 34 grams of Crystal Clear 

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