Julianne Hough Ditches Blonde for Copper Red

courtesy of @juleshough

When she's not playing the role of a judge on ABC's "Dancing With The Stars," or posting adorable photos with her new hubby and pups on social media, actress and professional dancer Julianne Hough heads to California's Nine Zero One salon for all of her haircolor needs. 

Having been a blonde for more than six years, it's hard to imagine Hough as anything else. Her buttery blonde hair became one of her biggest identifying factors. That is, until she took to Instagram last week to reveal her new copper shade with a caption saying "I've never felt more like ME than I do right now," and we couldn't love it more. And, to be quite honest, it's difficult to imagine her as a blonde now that we've seen how well she rocks the red. 


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While Riawna Capri (@riawna), owner of Nine Zero One, is Hough's usual go-to gal for blonding, Amber Maynard Bolt—often referred to as "Alchemist Amber" due to her attentiveness to detail and ability to work haircolor magic—took the reigns on Hough's red transformation. We talked with Maynard Bolt to get the low down on the color change. 

AS: What’s your advice for stylists looking to achieve Julianne’s shade of red?

AMB: Know what you’re working with and use the color wheel. Use the colors that will either support someone going blonde to red, or if you’re dark going lighter, keep in mind the lifting process will create most of the red-orange color for you, so you’ll need to adjust the formula to compensate for that red.

AS: How long did the transformation take to achieve?

AMB: Honestly it took two appointments, and the first was five hours long. Why? Because I did every process one at a time and took my time. I didn't necessarily need two appointments, but I’m a perfectionist and wanted to tweak her root color a bit. She was a bleach and tone with a 1/4 inch natural root!. I had to color adjust. 


  • 1st filler
    • 2oz Joico 8NC 
    • 1oz Joico 10NC
    • +equal parts 5-volume developer
  • 2nd filler: 
    • 2oz Joico 8NC
    • 1oz Joico 7NC
    • +equal parts 5-volume developer
  • Base Color:
    • 1.50 oz Joico 8NRG
    • 1.50 oz Joico 8N
    • + equal parts 10-volume developer
  • Ends:
    • 1.50 Joico 8NC
    • .50 Joico 7NC
    • .25 Joico 6RR
    • +equal parts 5-volume developer

AS: Hough was a blonde for six years, were you ever nervous that she would regret her decision?

AMB: Even though she's known as a blonde, this is something she’s wanted for the entirety of those six year. For that reason, I felt confident doing it it. Did I get nervous at moments? Of course, but I think that's to be expected when changing anyone's color. 

AS: Do you see Julianne’s shade becoming a trend in the coming months? 

AMB: I certainly hope Julianne’s color becomes a trend! People tend to shy away from warmth—they actually run away from warmth. In reality, red is actually surprisingly beautiful on a variety of skin tones. It's all about choosing the right tone—anyone can be a redhead and rock it.