New Web Video Series: Conversations at the Color Bar: @hairgod_zito and @bescene

Introducing “Conversations At The Color Bar,” a new web series brought to you exclusively by b3 Brazilian Bond Builder, profiling the best of the best in the color world. They’ll take you inside the salon with today’s color trendsetters, where you’ll discover what inspires them, how they work, and what they’re creating.  We couldn’t be more excited to launch our latest installment with Linh Phan (@bescene) and Rickey Zito (@hairgod_zito), exclusively with American Salon.

One's a smoke master and the other's a vivid master, so it's no surprise that Linh and Rickey took their mutual admiration to the next level and joined creative forces, igniting a color movement that is inspiring colorists and consumers alike. With over 350,000 combined Instagram followers (and growing!) as well as sold out classes nationwide, this unstoppable duo are constantly innovating, collaborating and brazenly pushing color to the limit and keeping the hair intact (and color locked in) with the help of b3 Brazilian Bond Builder. 

Be Part of the Conversation! #b3partoftheconvo

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